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Welcome to Dunamis

Our goal is to become the world's largest co-location company by offering turn key mining solutions giving the big business mining advantages no matter the size of the customer account. All accounts (Large or Small) receive the same technical support and same pricing. Our lease contracts grant access to micro space within our facilities and come with our technical support and expertise. We offer a completely turn key system to create a profitable mining solution for every customer. Because of our global reach and reputation, the top mining equipment manufacturing companies in the industry are partnering with us. We employ top industry talent to identify the best crypto currencies to mine, resulting in a world class, highly profitable mining experience. We Literally are Powered to pay

What is Dunamis?

We are a co-location company where our customers own the mining server(s) and we host, maintain and monitor the equipment. We are not a broker, trader, or handler of securities or currencies.

You own the

We facilitate the purchase of the worlds most profitable equipment that has a low cost of ownership and a quick break even point and we do at-cost that. You own it, and you receive 100% of the profits. We maintain it and monitor it at our facilities.

We house it at one of our Facilities

Location #1:
Our Pine Top farm, in Pinetop, AZ is 37,500 sq. ft. of housing space and has the power for xx,xxx machines.

  • Nearby Navajo Apache Cholla Power plant supplies all necessary power
  • 75 year contract at $.05/kw power
  • 5 buildings @7,500 sq. ft. each - 10Mw of power per building
Come and see for yourself

Location #2:
Our Tempe facility is open 10-5 M-F for you to come visit.* It has 14,700 sq. ft. of housing space and power for 2,000 machines.

  • Sound proof filming studio
  • 3,000 sq. ft. Presentation auditorium

*We also run a tour up the mountain, once per month, to our Pinetop location.

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Powered to Pay

A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out our photo gallery to see for yourself...

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Somethings To Think About

We're not like companies that sell cloud mining or sell hash rate. We are a co-location company where you own your own machine and we take care of it for you. Lots of companies are happy to take your money but don't want to prove that there is real mining going on. We allow you to tour our facilities and have your own serial numbers to your own machines. Your profits come from the machines that you own.



Dunamis Mining, LLC ("Dunamis") is an Arizona Limited Liability Company that leases "H.C.S.M.S." space a.k.a (High Capacity Secure Mining Space) and technologies for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. Dunamis is authorized to conduct business throughout the United States of America and is in full compliance with all state and federal laws, statutes and regulations.

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We regularly run promotions that may include discounted High Capacity Secure Mining Space (HCSMS) Lease options, Free Power periods, and or complimentary extended time durations.

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